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up to 8MBIT service (scotland) help please


up to 8MBIT service (scotland) help please

This ones for the plusnet support guys

ive just signed onto your service at 2mbit but there was an option for up to 8mb on there. now i dont want to pay 39.99 a month for a 2mb line waiting for the 8mb one to arrive but could you give me an indication of when this service is planned for aberdeen? i believe my exchange is aberdeen denburn and my postal code is ab22 8pr

many thanks
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up to 8MBIT service (scotland) help please

You're looking at around April 2006 for the public rollout of post-2Mb speeds on the BT exchange network.

So it's a good job you weren't tempted to sign up to the 8Mb products now - plenty have!