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unfinished upgrade


unfinished upgrade

its now been 36 days since my upgrade to 8mb (upgraded on 10th of april) and my modem is syncing to 7.3mb most of the time which is all good and fine, but after the 10 day wait then another 3 days or something i was still only downloading at 2mb line speeds i sent a ticket about this (19268149) and was told that my speed would increase in about 2 weeks. those 2 weeks have been and gone and now im currently downloading at 1mb line speeds.

i sent another ticket about this and was told to do a BB fault checker which i have done, but this really getting anoying that i have been waiting 35 days for my line to work properly when other people have theirs sorted and are happy.
do something about my line as its taking way too long.

ps, any1 else's line taking alot longer than expected to be fully working?

EDIT: here are my speed tests since my "upgrade"

14-05-2006 16:48:04 813
12-05-2006 19:55:09 918.1
11-05-2006 21:22:25 847.5
04-05-2006 13:50:51 964.6
04-05-2006 00:23:16 897.9
25-04-2006 23:04:39 1718
25-04-2006 23:04:05 1733
22-04-2006 17:13:35 1751.6
22-04-2006 17:12:59 1837.5
22-04-2006 17:07:12 1688.9
22-04-2006 17:06:51 1919
22-04-2006 17:05:58 1725.5
22-04-2006 17:05:31 1790
22-04-2006 17:05:15 1780.6
22-04-2006 17:04:55 1796.9
22-04-2006 17:04:25 1716.5
13-04-2006 13:44:49 1868
12-04-2006 22:15:20 1849.9

unfinished upgrade

I appear to be in the same boat as you - though my upgrade was done far later. I've been getting no more than 2.5mbps on a stable rate of 8000 - which is ridiculous - especially via the BT speed test at all hours of the morning.

Any suggestions on how to get Plusnet to take a serious look at my account to see if there's a problem there?

unfinished upgrade

The only suggestion really can be to raise a ticket (sorry, ask a question)
A few users have had problems where the delta report from BT ( which tells the ISP which speed to give you) has not been sent through, thus the PN system has not updated to unthrottle your account and allow you to take advantage of the higher speed you should be able to acheive.
This should happen automatically, and if it hasn't you really need your ticket to end up with the comms team - perhaps add a note to your ticket to state you want the comms team to have a look, rather than just the CS team.