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unable to send mail


unable to send mail

OK then what am i doing wrong? i have no probs downloading my mail but for what ever reason i'm unable to send. all my settings are correct password and settings and all i get is a error code. posted fault but no reply for
does any one have the same fault?? or the answer??
All was fine until i used my computer in Poland but how can this stop me sending mail? :roll: :roll:
I'm using Incredimail as my default program and i'm back in England and still i'm unable to send mail. I have not adjusted any settings


What email client you using ?

if its outlook make sure you are not trying to authenticate against the sending server.

check your settings.

POP3 (incoming mail)
SMTP (outgoing mail) bad... did read this the bit about your email client.

unable to send mail

For the majority of PN accounts you only can send emails when using your PN BB connection as they do not support SMTP authentication. So away from home it will not work. Options are 1. Use another SMTP server. 2. Ask PN if you purchase an Essential account at £1.99pa, as this support authentication, that it will work with your existing account.