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Can anyone recommend a good company for hosting domain names. We don't need them to do much e-mail forwarding and web address forwarding.


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i use> for all my hosting and domains

have alook on there site and see what they can do for you

always been 100% reliable and speedy on cs side
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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We can host domains (or pretty much any domain for that matter), most accounts let you host at least one domain for free, some up to 5 for free.
N/A Domains

Hi Dave

Personally I use 1&1; it's ok but others prefer 123reg
N/A Domains

I rate Flump very highly. Service and techical knowledge are both sound
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Since you asked (I'm not a fan of spamming), I actually run a hosting company myself and would be happy to discuss discounts / extra features FOC as you're a plusnet customer. Have a look at Chriam Hosting.
N/A Domains

martinfamily ; what DC do you use to host them?