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uTorrent and Vista configuration

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Registered: 17-06-2007

uTorrent and Vista configuration

Good evening everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a hand or any advice at all on the matter. I did have uTorrent setup on my machine some time ago, but I've only recently got around to installing it on my new Vista setup.

At the moment I can download at about a maximum of 20kB/s and that's for OpenOffice and Linux torrents. Now and I right in thinking that that is not at all right? I'm also wondering if it's because I've configured uTorrent incorrectly, but I've raised a ticket asking to have it investigated.

At the moment I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate with uTorrent 1.6.1 and Belkin F5D7632 router.

In addition to this I have a problem where after about twenty minutes or more of torrent usage my HTTP access will die, as will IM access, and my torrent speeds will drop even more to about 0.8kB/S although my Xbox Live connection stays alive.