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sorry tomspcs but i have been on these forums several times stating my frustrations at having no dsl connection.

What am i supposed to do when replies on my ticket are very rare and generally say the same thing. despite my ticket being open for a total of 22 days now the fact is i still have no connection. I am paying PN for a service which is not being provided. If you only like good points about PN being posted on the forums then perhaps thay should provide a better service.

If you would like to forward me your contact details then I am sure your comments will be appreciated now that I have been asked for a fully documented statement from BBCs Watchdog.

Perhaps my connection being up again would stop these rants!
Food for thought.
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This is not the way to raise a complaint regarding a Moderator, for the record tomsppcs is a paying plusnet customer just like you and I, if you are not happy with all the excellent hard work the mods do at keeping these forums under control then you can email/pm any member of plusnet staff - dtomlinson, jwhiting, mandbeckett, jbailey for example.



I find these responses incredulous!

I emailed jbailey yesterday morning but am still waiting for a reply. I was updated on my ticket on the 22nd AM and was told i would be updated "by tomorrow afternoon" (23rd) but I am still waiting for a response.
I left a contact number and was told a member of CS would call me within 8 hours, that was 15 days ago! I am still waiting for that call!
PlusNet seem to forget that I too am a paying customer and I was billed 7 days after my connection went down. That billing was 18 days ago and i still have no connection.
If you could reply with a telephone number on which I could get through to someone where i can cancel my subscription then that would be most appreciated.
I am not venting my anger at the moderators on here, merely stating the very poor service i have encountered through no fault of my own.


I find these responses incredulous!

I have to agree with you to be honest.



Are you on LLU by any chance at all? If yes then as far as im aware issuing MAC codes is now possible, however other ISP's accepting is something of a rare event atm.
To be honest I dont know the full details of your problems. Fair enough you may have posted on these forums a few times with the problems, I cannot read every post made though. Unfortunately I have a personal life to tend to also ( bit of a pain aint it Wink :lol: ).
I still however remain adament that if you would have approached this situation with the intent to yes air your feelings, but in a more suited and better constructed way then it would not only have benefited some users, but users may have been able to offer help.
I dont think that the post I locked was of any use to the users of this board.

I am not a person who wants all praise on these here boards, ask most people about. I can give as much as the next if the need arises. The difference is that I try and keep it constructive as apposed to aggressive.

To put it all to rest though I would say that if you want to raise your tickets for the attention of the comms team ( as apposed to any one individual alone ) then why not email making sure you enclose your ticket numbers in the body, your issue title and username in the subject line ( would be better in my eyes ), you may also wish to include a quick paragraph explaining the situation so far.

Anyway, its not something that should cause us to argue or appear rash. Please gve the email address a try and see what happens.

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Please gve the email address a try and see what happens.

you really think that after this amount of down time this person should still be having to chase support to help?


If im completely honest with

Basically if you want something bad enough, you need to persist.
Is it fair he should have to chase support? No, it isnt fair.
Should he persist so that perhaps he may get a little progress? Yes most definately else there may be none at all Sad .


I emailed the comms team as per your suggestion early this morning to quicken their response, what a suprise STILL no answer!.
You will be glad to know this will be my last post as I have now requested my MAC code(goodness knows how long the answer will take) but when they eventually reply im outta here. WOOOHOOO!
Not even bothering to ask for a refund on the 25 days my connection has been down because with inflation it wont be worth much when i eventually get it.

PS. As for one of the replies earlier nobody forces you to be a moderator here and I certainly didnt ask YOU to reply to my complaint.
Anyway looking at the other posts being put up about c**p service, I will let you go because you've certainly got your work cut out
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I believe that the wording in your question was that we were hoping to get an update by midday and would provide you with it as soon as possible. I've just spoken to one of the guys who's dealing with Tiscali faults, and we have yet to receive a further update.

If you'd already raised the fault through the online troubleshooter, before leaving a message with the faults callback service, then it is unlikely that they would have called you, as all of the information was on your account and the faults team was working on the issue for you. Calling you at that time would serve no useful purpose. The people dealing with Tiscali faults have the information and will continue to escalate it within Tiscali as need be.