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time taken to connect


time taken to connect


I just signed up less than 2 weeks ago on the Connect Start a/c - I do realise that this is the most basic of accounts but no matter what time of the day that I try to sign on it takes me some time to get connected. The "verifying user name and password" comes up twice and then it is a full one to two minutes before I am online. Thing is, I had told my sister about the account and she has also signed up but always gets connected right away. Can anyone tell me why this is happening - she lives about 10 miles from me and we are using the same phone number to connect.

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time taken to connect

The double verify user name and password is usualy caused by you having the "network" setting enabled in your dial up networking settings.

Open the dial up networking box with a right click and select properties and then server types.

Check that only two boxes are ticked. these should be "enable software compression" and "TCP/IP"

This should hopefully cure your long connect time.
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time taken to connect

Also, check you don't have "Log onto network" ticked in your dial up connection properties. This is default in Win98 and will have a similar effect to the one you are reporting...


time taken to connect

Thanks for that John and Ian - I have altered my settings and it seems to have worked. I had set up my own connection manually, while with my sister I had done the "automatic configuration" so that explains the difference.