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ticketing system


ticketing system

I currently have a support ticket open and one annoying thing I've noticed is that it seems to be a different staff member that replies each time, so I keep wasting time by having to repeat myself a lot.

Would be much more convenient if each ticket was assigned to a specific staff member so they know who they're dealing with and with what problem.

ticketing system

Hi there,

This has been suggested before. here

Whilst I understand where you are coming from, it would be impractible to implement this for a variety of reasons.

Not every ticket is dealt with by the CSC pool, some have to go to other departments for specific or specialist action.

The CSC works on a shift system, so an answer may not be given until the staff member comes back on shift or back from rest days etc. If it is assigned to the pool then it can be answered by the next available agent, thus ensuring, hopefully, a quicker turn around.

Ad to that, sickness, holidays etc, and you could see unnecessary delays in responses to tickets if they were taken from the pool environment.

The idea has merit, but in practical terms it would not suit the current systems and processes employed by Plus net.

As this is already being discussed I am locking this thread in favour of the original.

Please feel free to contribute to the original thread.