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ticket turnaround again.


ticket turnaround again.

pn say they want us to use the ticket system more than the phone so they put more resources on the ticket system.

i replied to a ticket on a thursday and got a reply on the sunday telling me bt would be booked - 4 days wait

i got another reply on the following thursday and i replied on the thursday they replied on the monday - 4/5 days wait

i replied on the tuesday - today is thursday - 3 days wait and still waiting.

in amongst all of this pn said we need to find out what is happening as bt have a 5 day window for open calls then a new one has to be raised. great as it takes pn that long to respond so there is zero chance that we could update bt due to pn inactivity.

as it happens i am back in the training period so now my modem has been training since 2nd May (yes you can only imagine). some of this is not pn's fault at all and i dont want to stick them with it as it would be unfair.

what is pn's fault and the point of this is the incredibly poor ticket turnaround time. how can you reconcile the two statements? mine saying i wait day after day and pn saying they throw resource at the ticket system. one of us is not telling the truth maybe?

now on top of this pn claim that the poor service (even though it is the same cost to me) is due to bulk regrades but when do we get out of this 'poor service' period - i see no evidence that it is getting better in fact its getting worse.

maybe a pn rep would like to explain why it takes so long to reply and when if ever we will be out of this very very poor situation?