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ticket turn around

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ticket turn around

Just to say I'm glad PN are getting back on top of the old ticket isse. I rasied a ticket at 12:14pm yesterday and I had a reply by 12:16pm. I had anothe reply by 11pm.

This and the new bandwitdh. PN are starting to spoil us once again.

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ticket turn around


I am really glad to hear that you are pleased with the level of support received.

We are working very hard to increase and improve the level of customer support and service to our customers.

Our recruitment, training and upskilling programme is paying dividends and the feedback we have had from customers recently is very encouraging.

We will continue to improve and deliver the level and quality of support which our customers expect and indeed demand.

Many thanks for your feedback. It is comments like this which make the efforts of the guys at the coal face very worthwhile.