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this is friggin crazy now plusnet!!


this is friggin crazy now plusnet!!

how can u post this >

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to announce that the work we provisioned to undertake in Telehouse London has been completed successfully. Should any customers still be experiencing ADSL connection problems we would recommend that these are escalated to us through the Contact Us system or helplines that we have available.

The work that we have carried out today will be monitored throughout tonight by our engineers and any news of any service affecting issues will be posted to service status should the need require.

We are confident that any customers who have experienced a short break in service while our scheduled work has taken place should power cycle their DSL equipment after disconnecting their cable from the telephone line for half an hour. This will allow for a new session to be enabled on your DSL circuit.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support.

utter tripe, still just like it was 36 hours ago, utter crapy smelly juicy tripe!

RE: this is friggin crazy now plusnet!!

8:11PM GMT, Stroud, Gloucestershire... Can get on plusnet's site and MSN messenger, but no web pages!

Some have loaded, but BBC News for example has been dead 36 hours now.

Can get nothing again now!

At least I've watched the Carry On films again, something I havn't done for about 3 years..!