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thinking about leaving


thinking about leaving

been use nealy two years, but seems the service getting worse.
the current half year,almost one day per week the connecttion keep dropping or very slow. i tried everything, such as change the new filter, but at last i realize the best thing is waitting for next day, don't touch anything. the connection just go back to normal.
i am a online gamer. i don't know why when i play some game, i alway got crap speed, sometimes in the morning it's fine, and afternoon just extremely lag. don't tell me the game server's problem, my next door friend play same game with me, but he never get any problem at all. just because he use telewest, and i use
thinking about give up, maybe leaving soon. hope i can enjoy my next ISP.
good luck to all
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thinking about leaving

There could be many reasons for your problems, many of which might come back if you move ISP to another ADSL based provider. If you move to Telewest you might not get the same problems but connections with them can be problamatic for some people. I'd suggest working towards solving the problem as much as possible before throwing the towel in.


thinking about leaving

Your friend uses Telewest, and you use BT's ADSL. Two very different technologies, and 101% useing different cables and equipment from you to the internet.

When it comes to testing, you just can't use a cable connection as a comparison, as they have nothing in common to rule out.

The fact that mornings shed better speeds that afternoons is a good sign. It prooves there is a pattern to the issues, and you can now try to gain further detail on that pattern.

Some of the questions you need to ask are.

1: Is the computer off for any extended periods before I conduct speeds tests.

Is it faster after turning on or being on for a while? This can help rule out part of your own computer.

2: How early in the morning do you notice the speed is faster, and what time does it degrade?

3: Does it pick up speed late at night?

4: You state it is only one day a week, do those days have somthing in common?

The fact it is only one day a week is very suspect.

All in all, the issues you descibe do not sound PlusNet related. ADSL in the UK (most of it anyhow) is a BT product, resold through ISPs.

This means, if you change to another ADSL ISP, you would likely suffer the same problems, all because it is the same phone line, same computer, same internal wireing, and same equipment in the exchange.
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thinking about leaving

Hi there,

From looking at your account history is does not look like you have raised this to support. Can you please raise a ticket following this path:

• Connection Problems => • Broadband ADSL => • Report a problem on a Self-Install ADSL Account => • Self Install with Hardware from PlusNet (Hardware Bundle) => • Yes => • Yes => • Intermittent or dropping connection

Then answer the 9 questions:

1. Does the loss of connection occur only at
certain times of the day or is it continuous?
(If only at certain times, please state the time.)

2. How long has the problem been occurring
for, when did it start?

3. What are you doing at the time of the fault?
(e.g. downloading large files/Does it only drop when idle?)

4. When the connection drops is sync lost on the
(i.e does the ADSL link light start flashing or does remain solid green)

5. Do you have any other equipment on the line
that may affect service, such as a fax machine?

6. Is the voice service (PSTN) on the phone line OK?

7. Have you connected the PC/modem/router to the master telephone
socket leaving all other equipment disconnected
to see if the problem still happens?

8. Have you tested the connection using another modem/router?

9. Has the microfilter been changed
to prove if it is a problem?

These questions will help us diagnose the issue.

kind regards