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think this is me done


think this is me done

well its been an expierence being here at plusnet but time to move on

i am fed up with all the things that are going on here

i put in for the upgrade ok my fault didnt realise that the speed didnt come with the upgrade spoke to a member of c/s was told id been provision for 5 to seven days that time is here

no regrade

spoke to them today told by them that i havent even been put forward for a regrade yet fun how it takes so long
but only took 5 mins to take the extra money and double the amount i pay now

they say i that all will be upgraded by september
thats 5 months if i was last but they would be happy to take the money till then im sure

so i have decided im going to migrate will see 8 mb in 5 to 7 days and cheaper

good luck to all of those still waiting and i hope it works out for you all

think this is me done

I heard if you upgraded asking to get the fastest possible speed on your line, paid the £14.99 charge then you do get onto MaxDSL faster.

But this is only for lines at 512K or 1Mb. The reasons this is, is the £14.99 fee is to regrade you to 2MB but rather than them doing that they put through your order to MaxDSL.

Now if the regrade doesnt work and you dont get a faster speed you get the regrade fee back.

This is, as far as I know, the only way to get a paid queue jump that should happen in a weeks time.

Can you confirm that you got and ticked the box stating: "I'd like to change to the highest speed my line will suppport" ?