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the 8am-4pm crap still going on


the 8am-4pm crap still going on

ahh just cheked, expecting the 8am-4pm peak time usage counter to have been changed since plusnet were saying that this will be changed by the end of Feb .. wel its March .. and i see no change ... since this stupid thing came out i have gotten the peak time usage for the last 2 months ....

8am - 4pm is my main usage time ... at this rate i can't c how i will manage to control my peak time under 30gb if this 8am-4pm thing is still running.

Since this will be my 3rd month straight, im worried that next months service will be on peak time usage perminantly ..

i was really hoping plusnet kept to their word and cut this bs with teh 8am 4pm link:censored but it looks like im screwed ....

really link:censored off causs its sucha link:censored annoyin rule Sad ..... and i kno some ppl will say .. u have to change ure download habits .... well honestly i shouldn't have to resort to doing most of my work after midnight.....

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the 8am-4pm crap still going on

The Comms Team have told us that the date for automation has slipped a bit and that we should see the changes rolled out this month.

Keep an eye on the forums for further announcements.

the 8am-4pm crap still going on

Surely the 30Gb montly peak limit is only actually counted between 4pm and midnight?

The 8am-4pm is only counted towards the p2p/usenet/ftp peak time of 20Gb and is seperate.

Unless i have severely missed something.

the 8am-4pm crap still going on

Hi all

this is what i was told today in a ticket i raised about peak times beying set back to 4 pm till midnight.

The current estimations are for the end of this month/beginning of next for the revision of the peak times.

i hope this helps...

the 8am-4pm crap still going on

I thought the peak time is 8-12am for your 30GB in total... Not separate in the sense of just 30GB in between 8-4pm
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the 8am-4pm crap still going on

There may (not surprisingly) be some confusion in limits and times.

You have a 30GB peak time usage limit between 4pm and midnight.
You have a 20GB P2P "clean" limit between 8am and midnight.
You also have an overall fair usage limit of 100GB a month.

These limits are inclusive, not exclusive, so any of your 20GB P2P that you use between 4pm and midnight will come off your peak time 30GB as well.

It is the P2P peak time which they have promised to change to 4pm to midnight, when they get round to it.

This table by kitz may make it clearer.

Oxford University is rumoured to be looking for a Professor of Plusnet Usage Calculation. There are no applicants so far as nobody can understand it.

edited for spelling.

the 8am-4pm crap still going on

That was what I thought Smiley

Still no news on the 4-12am download for p2p? Sad