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technical changes... (requested by users)


technical changes... (requested by users)

Is it just me, or are the turnaround expectations for technical changes unduly high from some users ? I spotted a "has this been done yet" yesterday or the day before and it seemed overly impatient to me (knowing that there have often been comments on the PN newsgroups about 'adding it to the list of jobs' and having a 'good ideas' list). Sure, I'm eager for changes to things I find "niggling" and have commented off and on for up to a year about the referrals report on the portal, as a case in point.

Some technical changes are a relatively simple change, I expect... with a new config file and a reboot (but even making time to reboot some services is not too easy in a 24x7 environment).

I've worked in a support department (in education) and know that there are 1001 different "wants" from the users, which have to be considered for impacts on other systems, and then get actioned, but seeing a few of the recent discussions, I'd be tempted to say "give them a break" as there are plenty enough things to deal with before any niggling things crop up via this area.
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technical changes... (requested by users)


Some technical changes can be fitted in here and there, others are fitted into upcoming projects for simplicity.

We do appreciate and welcome ideas from the userbase, you guys are the ones using these services after all. It' s easy working in this environment to get bogged down with major stuff and not notice little changes that would make life easier.

At the moment we are looking at ideas for improving maintenance pages and updating tools so if you guys have any ideas throw them into the pot!

technical changes... (requested by users)

Getting the order of referrals to go YYYY/MM/DD has been niggling for months
(only showing the last 3 months 'like it says on the page' would be good,
and to get rid of ones with N/A as the date will finish off, please Smiley )