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swap Binatone 500 for a 2100


swap Binatone 500 for a 2100


I cannot get the Binatone 500 to work on Linux. Could I please trade up to one of your modems that is reported to work well under Linux, Ideally Knoppix 4?

What are the OPtions?
What is the trade in value of the Binatone 500?
How much will I ahve to pay for the Binatone 2100?
Has anyone some used gear for sale for pittens?

Many thanks,
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swap Binatone 500 for a 2100

Unfortunately we can't accept a modem for trade in. We can refund you for the modem but it has to be returned to us in a fully saleable condition within the first 7 days of having it.

We no longer sell the Binatone 2100, but any router should work fine with linux, as all you need is a working ethernet connection.

I have a Voyager 205, which works fine with my NetBSD server and my Debian desktop.

Unfortunately we can only sell these as part of a new sign up, but there are many different suppliers with different deals on routers about.