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speed varies - can anyone advise??


speed varies - can anyone advise??

Ive been with PlusNet a year since leaving Pipex.
My modem has always shown a conection speed of 2.1 mpbs and speedtest were usually in the region of 1800 or so.

A month ago the moden started to register 3.2 at connection - and speedtest usually were in the region of 1500.

Then a few days ago the modem starts to show 1.4 at connection and speedtests show about 950.

I have asked support but their reply is "According to BT, this speed is within the limits of acceptable performance for broadband service."

As far as I am aware, I have not been upgraded to the 8megs service - so I dont think its to do with that.

Incidentally I am pretty unimpressed with PlusNet right now. Two months ago I reported that my "View my useage" meter shows zero every day . . . nothing has ever been done about it.