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something wrong with plusnet adsl?


something wrong with plusnet adsl?

Hi there,
today has been the worst in ages. We've been trying to connect all day (even switching routers) and only managed it after several hours, then got disconnected again and it took another few hours to get back on. Called Plusnet and after 45 mins waiting I got a guy who told me to get a new microfilter and tried to get rid of me as fast as possible!

Anyway the problem we have is the following: The only way we can get online is to wait for the DSL LED (SYNC LED) to stop flashing and go to the configuration page and click connect. However today that flashing seemed to go on for longer and longer, so that we had to wait for 30 mins or more for it to stop flashing. We switched router and the same thing happened, so I dont think its the router. I am also doubtful whether a new microfilter will help. Can anyone help? Was today particularly bad for other people too?
Thanks for your help

PS: It's very annoying when you're adsl is down, u ring them up and they tell you every 30 seconds that you can report the fault online. HOW CAN I IF I CANT GO ONLINE!!!?
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something wrong with plusnet adsl?

Similar experience here all day as well, from about 11 this morning till about half seven this evening. Same router symptoms, having to go into configuration mode and connect manually, and that taking many attempts. All the lights on, but the hamster asleep, to leave no metaphor unmixed.

I've also had the DNS problems when I was actually online. I had 2 running iterations of IE6, and they were fine, and I could navigate from them and within them, but when I tried to run a third, it wouldn't connect to my homepage or anywhere else, though the other 2 remained OK. Also had a spate of being unable to connect to US sites, though BBC was OK.

My suspicions are that BT were at work on the disconnections and loss of sync problems. I believe PlusNet have taken ownership of the DNS problems.