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smtp - register domain name?!


smtp - register domain name?!

hello all,

i am having trouble with my email and my host seems to think i should contact plusnet about it... so here goes...

i own & run the website at
this is registered with and hosted by 123reg
i can receive emails to [anyuser]
but i cannot send from [anyuser]
sent emails seem to just get lost and never arrive - they are not returned

when i phoned (50p a minute!) 123reg, they told me that i should be using my isp's smtp server ( - with my sign in details, right?) and that in order for me to send email from my [anyuser] address, i needed to 'register' the domain name with plusnet - followed swiftly by some confusing, internet-webspeak jargon that left me spinning

the only mention of registering a domain name on the plusnet site i can find is to register a new domain name - which costs money - and i am hoping that what i need to do is free - any idea what i am looking for? or are 123reg just talking out of their derriers to give me the runaround?

yours hopefully, joe

smtp - register domain name?!

Think the problem is with 123reg. You do not have to register any domain with plusnet. If the smtp server that 123reg gave you is not workin then you can used plusnet outgoing server instead. You can use any smtp server to send. You are not locked into using your email hosting server. The only problem with non-dial Plusnet accounts is that you can't send emails unless your are logged onto your Plusnet broadband account.

I would suggest that you change the outgoing server to, test it and if it work just drop a email to support at 123reg for them to fix the problem at their end.

smtp - register domain name?!

are the sign in details for the plusnet smtp the same username and password i use for signing into this site? also, do u mean i have to be signed into this site all the time for it to work?
123reg do not supply an smtp service! they request u use your own isp smtp


smtp - register domain name?!

Just check the 123reg website and found that they do not have smtp server.

Just follow 123reg setup and enter for the outgoing server. For the account name and password you use the 123reg mailbox name and password. Plusnet does not use outgoing server authentication on most accounts. So you only need to enter But as I stated earlier you will only be able to send emails when connected to the internet via your Plusnet braodband connection.