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smtp autoturn finger missing mail


smtp autoturn finger missing mail

still having problems since the original autoturn problems with missing mail using SMTP.

Cannot understand that for the last few weeks that any queued mail goes missing.

I have again test turning off my mail system and sending myself a mail, that it doesn't arrive. Reported the problem, but no-one accepts there is a problem - does anyone know what is going on !

The original message that I sent myself has gone missing. Since raising a 'contact us' then mail has turned up and not the original.
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smtp autoturn finger missing mail

I accept that there is a problem ! But then again I would as I am suffering just like you :-)

My ticket on CS was returned to me today along the lines of autoturn was over loaded over the weekend due to the sober worm and please be patient whilst they dequeue mail. This is missing the point that fingering autoturn returns the answer than NO mail is waiting to be dequeued though if I wait long enough mail does arrive from my servers 'off time' showing routing through some very odd paths.

My test e-mail into my domain today was rejected by Plus after about 6 minutes with an error message of 'Too many "Received" headers - suspected mail loop' and indeed the message was correct ! My mail had spent a few minutes bouncing between autoturn,,, (and a few others ) before getting chucked out of the system. A total of 32 'Received headers in 6 minutes. For an overloaded system it certainly seemed to move it around fast :-)

Needless to say the ticket has been returned to CS......

smtp autoturn finger missing mail

I had a similar issue yesterday while my server was offline. My ticket has been escalated to:

"Can we please advise as to the cause of this mail loop?"

smtp autoturn finger missing mail

I'm having the same problem, and have returned the ticket to support.

If the servers were having issues due to a worm outbreak, then fine, I understand that, but I'd appreciate an amber status on the Email service page and an explanation.

It appears that the finger@.. doesn't correctly report that there are mails queued - it reports zero. Could this defect be fixed. I don't mind if the dequeued mails take time to come in, but there's clearly a bug here.


Spoke again to CS

I spent some time again on the phone, and ended up getting very annoyed at plues net's attitude that I have to prove there is a problem, and as though they don't believe me.

I have turned off port25 on my router send myself a number of mails, and on turning back the port and fingering, it showed only 1, and the other email has gone missing.

Anyone else with these issues, provide some physical evidence and send it to them.