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smart deal


smart deal

i understand that the offer is due to end i feburary

couple of ?

if i upgrde to the 10gb deal currently £17.99 with 4gb does the price of £19.99 stay or is this price a limited time ie for first 3 months

are there any other limits applied to this package that i need to be made aware of or is it simply the same as what i have already got with increased usage

do i have to register for plustalk even though i dont use it, as it includes free plustalk
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smart deal


As this is a pays as you go product, there is indeed a limit to this of 10GB. However, you can pay for more usage at the usual £1 per GB pre-paid, or £1.25 paid in arrears.

You remain on the £19.99 deal for as long as you wish to, even it it is withdrawn from new sale. However, if the offer is withdrawn and you wish to change products, there is no way to move you back at a later time.

There is no way to move you to the £19.99 without PlusTalk. However, this does not mean you have to make use of it, but it will be there should you want to.

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smart deal

well i decided to upgrade which has been completed succesfully

had a look at my contact us where it is says upgrade complete etc, at the bottom was

Components removed: PlusNet CBC ADSL 2000 Dialup.
Components added: Plus.Net CBC ADSL 500 Dialup.

just curious what that means ?
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smart deal

That's just some backend changes on your account, and doesn't have any effect on the way things work. Similar things happen whenever you change account type, as its just the system making sure that everything is reperesented in the way it should be.

smart deal

many thanks