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slow fast slow and now even slower !


slow fast slow and now even slower !

well the last two days have been great 55k to 60k downloads after i did the so called FIX but now all today has been complete crap,yes i know that plusnet have had a few problems with there equipment but if the upgrade has been put off until tmrw why at around 4pm i got quite good speeds but from 6pm onwards its dropped to 3.5k if you arn't doing anything untill the morning?
and how come it only seems to be this isp that has loads of problems and speed issues,everyone i know on adsl never has any problems?
If the bt router is the problem and was causing the slow down why have you not told your customers about this before instead of passing the buck saying it must be our settings or its coz of the contention ratio when all the time its been down to your equipment?

please try and answer all my questions and not just one like usual
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RE: slow fast slow and now even slower !

It must have soemthing to do with the amount of people who have broadband these days.