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rollover usage?


rollover usage?

If the usage limits have to be so tight in order to maintain a good level of service for all users, why not rollover any unused usage (?!) for a month or two, like the mobile phone companies do for unused minutes? This might compensate a little for the increasingly harsh restrictions that have recently been imposed on previously unlimited accounts.

rollover usage?

Hi raynerandrayner,

Thats a nice idea but I wonder how on a practical level that could be made to work. How would F9 track your (our) unused allowence and how would month on month allowences be measured. I'm NOT sure how that could be done, sounds abit complex? But still say its a good idea though.

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rollover usage?


What was the point in asking this question after you have announced you are leaving?
Second thoughts!

This idea has been suggested a few times, but I will take one of the high profile ISP to take the lead. Then the sheep may follow.