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reset default e-mail address?


reset default e-mail address?

I'm getting hit by quite a lot of 'spam' ( about 6-10 a day).
These are mostly about financial things / shares/ 'making things bigger !' , nothing particulary upsetting but they are very annoying.

I'm aware that over time 'spam' somehow managers to get through spam filtering software and rules aimed at blocking it /deleting it.

Is it at all possible to create a new default plusnet e-mail address? as it seems to be hitting this the most.
Also how can something reach my inbox when it's addressed to only the last 4 letters of the first part of my email address e.g evers@*********

Any ideas how to stop this spam, I've set plusnet's spam filtering to highest setting.

Comments welcome :idea:

reset default e-mail address?

If a alias does not exist i.e then the email will go to the default address. So will go to

I believe that PN will blackhole your default address so the spam will just disappear but before this you will have to generate an alias (mailbox) for postmaster. So you will have an email address of

Presumably you will have to generate another alias for friends etc to use as by your posting it seems that you are only using your default address.