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removal of posts ny martinfamily


removal of posts ny martinfamily

could somebody please answer me a simple question?.

why have all my posts been removed when all i was doing was constructing a resonable statement/question to which you could easily reply?

removal of posts ny martinfamily

I wont enter into a discussion with you here about this.

You have been sent a personal message as per normal procedures, explaining the reasons for the moderating actions.

These boards are for constructive feedback and trolling, pointless posts are not permitted.

This discussion is now locked.

If you have a further query contact one of the mods by PM.
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removal of posts ny martinfamily

I have sent you a PM and for your benefit I do not wish to discuss my reasons in public.

A number of people have been making useless posts on the forums over the last couple of weeks. And these are being dealt with.

Whilst we understand some users are having issues with their service, it should not be up to these people to ruin the forums for everyone else who has no problems, or whom just have general support issues for community resolution.

By all means discuss your problems in a constructive and grown-up manner. But making useless posts in various locations around the forums is not acceptable.