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refreshing but sad


refreshing but sad

Today i have been using limewire to download some bits...nothing big just some music but i was surprised to see that every track i downloaded went at 50-100kb/s.
Now for me this is refreshing as i normally dont get above 15kb/s on any other day.
The speed i got today reminded me of how enjoyable it can be to have a decent connection instead of the service im used to on my 2mb premier account.
Was it down to a light contention issue or was it that for some reason today....ELLACRAPUS left me alone??

Im still in the 'clean to' levels so i dont expect to be throttled, but today's speeds make me realise that something is deffinately wrong here im just not 100% sure whats causing it.
My end of things is fine and always has been fine...i have not changed any equipment recently so things are the same....i use a router and i reboot it every once in a while to make sure it's awake and fresh.
I do speed tests and i get results i would expect for a 2mb problems there which makes me think that when it comes to p2p the current system you have is killing it.

On the other side of thinking.....

Lets assume it's not anything to do with ELLACRAPUS interfering as when ever anyone feel it is, you strongly disagree and tell us it cant be.
Whats left then as an option is CAPACITY!!
There are many threads on here with questions about capacity so i wont ask anymore.
What im left with is a feeling of sadness that this ISP has gone from being the best possibly to now becoming 1 of the worst.

I understand the route your taking with regards to the future and i agree with it in principal.....but what your not acknowledging is the fact that the numerous moans and complaints about speed issues on these boards are actually a big indication that the service when it comes to connection speeds is appauling.
If you can not provide a decent platform for p2p users then please admit it and those people can make decisions based on that knowledge.
Gaming pings are suffering for some people........Usenet speeds are awful for alot of people too.....almost to the point where those people just dont bother using it as much and that should NEVER be the case.

The caps are fine and the levels you put different protocols on are your business, but when it comes down to the speeds that people get on a regular basis using something like becomes our business.

I hope that someone at plusnet will take their blinkers off and really look at whats going's past the point where it's not funny.