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redirected to broadband advert


redirected to broadband advert

I'm a dial up user, today I'm using Jobserve and about every fifth next page link click
Force9 is redirecting me to their broadband advert page.
How shit is that ? That's a great way to piss off dialup users.

The page includes the text :

Where's my homepage?
Don't worry, we've just directed you to this page to tell you about broadband.
Click the Home icon in your web browser to get to your homepage or simply type
in the web address of the site you want to visit.

Who's going to their browser homepage ? not me.
It sucks that Force9 have put this redirect in in the first place.
It double sucks that it redirects link clicks.

This is the page you get redirected to:
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redirected to broadband advert

Hi there,

This isn't supposed to be happening at the frequency you're describing. We'll have someone take at look into things.

Kind Rgds,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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