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record time for reply to question!!!

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record time for reply to question!!!

I submitted a question regarding the recent poor speeds on BB+, asking a specific question.

In less than two minutes I received the following, which could not possibly have been typed in the time

Your account is broadband plus which is designed as a entry level product,

In the recent months our traffic management has not been running to the products design specifications as a result of this Broadband plus users have been allocated too much of the network capacity, which has had a detrimental effect on other products such as Broadband premier and Pay as you go

Based on the specifications and pricing of each product we believe we have now balanced the network to ensure a fair amount is allocated to each product
to ensure the product runs to design.

Because of these changes broadband plus users may see a degrade in services during peak times to what they were used to when the management was less stringent

We have carried out the necessary maintenance on the platform and we will monitor the platform and await feedback from our customer base and user group

Users who download regularly or use the services heavily are recommended to either upgrade to premier or Pay as you go with an allowance to keep costing to a minimal

We are soon to review our pricing and management strategy when we recieve the new wholesale costing plans from BT and will re-asses the platform at this point.

Phil Bower

I usually have to wait several days for an answer, so the times better, shame they didnt answer the question correctly before sending out the automated response

record time for reply to question!!!

same as what i got :roll:
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Q's for anyone at plusnet

The questions are:
Is BB+ currently performing as intended?
If not - when do you expect to be able to fix it?

I'm not on BB+, I'm on premier, and get a reasonable service.

But the sort of attitude shown in the response above, really gets my goat. How can it be normal for BB+ users to be gettting 200kb/s or less (as many here are reporting) at ANY time of the day.

If this IS what you intend, then you must change your product pages to tell customers what to expect.

Alternativley you must stop offering BB+ altogether - because clearly you are not able to offer what is expected of broadband.