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realllly slow


realllly slow


I'm on max and I've been relatively happy with speeds so far (full sync speeds and typical 4-5mb speeds) until now that is. I'm now down to well under 2mb , even in non peak times like this, however the stable rate is remains high.

Any ideas +net?

realllly slow


Have you done any speed tests, any BT Speed tests, checked for bottlenecks on your local network and checked your exchange to see if its highly contended ( VP = Red ).

This will be what you get asked to do anyway before Plusnet look into the issue any further.
On top of this BT have recently ( Announced? :lol: ) that they are halting all bulk regrades ( and so it vanished ). Long story cut short is that as we all know there are problems with MaxDSL and well anyone on MaxDSL falls into it if the problems are BT based.

I am not sure if I have this right, but from a quick 3 second scan of another thread I think what has been said is that if your on MaxDSL then to sit it out and not raise a ticket ( question ) as its in BT's hands currently.

Im open to corrections also Smiley