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re-grade and upgrade by PN


re-grade and upgrade by PN

To balance some of the negative feedback I have seen, I have had positive experiences with PN sales and customer/technical support.

(Should have done this a few weeks ago really)
I changed my pacakge from the old Home Surf to one of the newer ones when I discovered that it would be cheaper! The PN sales guy was really helpful and pointed out all the things I needed to know including when (at that point) PN reckoned BT would do the the re-grade (by end June, now slipped what a surprise).

He was helpful in selecting a package and had no problems with me moving to a cheaper option (it did cost an upgrade fee however). He also made sure I could keep my existing domain options.

All in all, a very positive experience. Now if only BT would get a shift on ...

(PN Customer since 2003)

re-grade and upgrade by PN

I totally agree with your sentiments, I have always have positive experience of phone support (ignoring the on hold time - max has been 3 mins even at peak times)
I have however been disappointed with response I've received (and not received) to contact us tickets on some occasions, but hey ho nobody is perfect!