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"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity"


"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity"

Just stumbled accross this...

"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity" -

There obviously *isnt* spare capacity if PN are having to traffic shape / cap users.

So this is my good deed for the day... PN, I reccomend you revise that particular statement as I believe it breaks ISPA code 2.4.1 "Members shall use their reasonable endeavours to ensure Services (excluding Third Party Content) and Promotional Material are not of a kind that are likely to mislead by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise."

I'm not taking the **** here btw, this time I can believe that it's an honest oversight! Best get it fixed asap tho! Smiley

"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity"

That entire page borders on false advertising, it was kept vague enough for the most part for them to get away with it but you're right, 1 or 2 statements are clearly in breach.
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"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity"

If you define spare as unused,there is spare capacity, the traffic shaping is keeping it spare

"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity"

Soz folks, I cant see the issue with that information page.

Maybe its too late on a Friday afternoon. I've had a busy week. Smiley

To me the information given on the linked page is true.

I am open to being corrected though.

The provision for additional capacity has already been made. When required all they have to do is light another segment of the 622 pipe.

If the posts from those with a fair degree of knowledge on AG are correct, it may not be too far off.

"Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity"

so what is that in english. weeks or months?