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"Changes to line profile"... what does this mean?

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Registered: 30-08-2007

"Changes to line profile"... what does this mean?

On a recent ticket from support in response to my disconnects this weekend I got this response:

I have made a change to your line profile to try and boost the strength of the DSL signal.

I'd like to know what that means in practice.

I see little difference in my line stats:


Upstream Speed: 579 kbps
Downstream Speed: 7981 kbps

noise margin upstream: 12 db
output power downstream: 22 db
attenuation upstream: 19 db

noise margin downstream: 2 db
output power upstream: 12 db
attenuation downstream: 36 db


noise margin upstream: 16 db
output power downstream: 18 db
attenuation upstream: 16 db

noise margin downstream: 3 db
output power upstream: 11 db
attenuation downstream: 39 db

Upstream Speed: 416 kbps
Downstream Speed: 5632 kbps

But I note that I'm syncing at a lower rate now.

Does all this mean that effectively I'm just going to have a slower connection?

Your wisdom is appreciated!

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"Changes to line profile"... what does this mean?

Wish I got 7981. That's pretty damn good isn't it? Without disconnects of course.

Or is that not the real achievable speed?

(I can't be bothered with stripping out all my wires and replacing them with titanium or whatever it is you have to do).
Posts: 100
Registered: 30-08-2007

"Changes to line profile"... what does this mean?

My realisable speeds used to be typically 6500kbps download and 500kbps upload.

And the worst thing was that it had been stable like that for months, which is why I am a little irked that PN have decided the fault must lie on the local loop and made "line profile" changes so rashly.

Is it beyond belief that the number of people who posted over the weekend about a new spate of disconnections could be all be related?

I will be very surprised (and feel very foolish!) if it does turn out to be a local problem.

Ah well...

"Changes to line profile"... what does this mean?

I too am on LLU. Though hopefully for only a while, have complained enough that PlusNet are moving me back to BT.

Have had disconnections on LLU every Sunday for 3 weeks and intermittent problems fop the month before that. Gone from a relatively stable line initially on LLU syncing at 2800-3300 and am down to 500 and something. Slower than when I was on a fixed speed BT line Evil Evil