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quickie about line speed


quickie about line speed

Recently I moved house, and was on a 1 meg connection before i moved house.

I got a new phone number, so i would have thought a new connection at the exchange for my ADSL, but i stayed on 1 meg.

I was hoping that i might have been placed on 2 Meg.

I'm not complaining, as the exchange is/was meant to be getting upgraded in August (past), i was just assuming that i would get the maximum that my line could handle, but maybe i am wrong.

Can anyone explain this to me.

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quickie about line speed

Maybe your line cannot handle > 1Mbs speeds.

Does your ADSL equipment show line stats? If so post them here.

What does the BT ADSL checker say the max your line will take. If that says 1Mbs then that is what you will get.

quickie about line speed

For Telephone Number ************** on Exchange BANNOCKBURN

Your exchange has ADSL broadband.

Our initial test on your line indicates that you should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 512Kbps or 256Kbps download speed.

My router is showing a speed of 1 meg, from what i remember. im at work just now, so can't check.

By the way, I didn't ask plusnet to upgrade my speed when i moved house, i just assumed that when moving house, it would automatically go up to the best speed.

quickie about line speed

um, it may be that BT have for another reason failed the 2mbit upgrade.... i'd raise a ticket and ask what your options are.... see if they'll upgrade u for free... you might need to get in touch with dave as some of the support staff will try and charge u the regrade fee, which is correct but not correct if bt has made a mistake
which they do a hell of a lot of late

quickie about line speed

I'm in exactly the same boat. Moved house and had a cease and reprovide done. Old line could only manage 1mbit as I was pretty far from the exchange. The new address is less than a kilometre from the exchange, the BT checker says I should be able to have 2mbit, and my router stats for the line are well within spec.

Yet, my router is only showing me synced at 1mbit. I feel a ticket/PM coming on.

quickie about line speed

Amethyst, I raised a ticket and they have now done a line test (dont know how they managed it before, when the line wasn't active before i moved house), and low and behold it says i can get 2meg, but i can either wait and get it for free, or pay £14.99 to get it now.

So the questipon i have to ask is, why didnt i get 2meg from the start ?

quickie about line speed

Ticket raised. Free regrade to 2Mbit is in the process of being actioned. Smiley

Fair question though. Why should it need a separate ticket for the new line to be provisioned at the max speed it was capable at all along? Only thing I can think of is perhaps my new exchange hasn't had BT's bulk regrades done yet (was scheduled for August) and I had just been moved from like-to-like line speed.

Not that it matters now. Totally happy with the resolution offered by Plusnet.

quickie about line speed

Amethyst, I have now had my free 2meg upgrade actioned by Plusnet staff.

took a while but i got there in the end.

it seems that when the check was done, before my line was enabled, BT checker had my postcode as 1meg only.

when plusnet checked again, after i raised a ticket, it says my phone number can get 2meg. but if i still do a check on the postcode, it still says 1meg only.

Oh well, at least it all worked out in the end.

Thanks plusnet
fingers to BT
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quickie about line speed


The decision as to what speed a line is submitted uses the BT line check database. If this says no way to 2Mbps then it will be submitted at a lower speed.

Sometimes this isn't 100% accurate and a line gets submitted at 1Mbps when it could support faster. With the number of lines in the database (many millions) there's almost always going to be some that are wrong.

The good news is that once DSL Max gets to every exchange there won't be any need to use the checker any more and all orders can just be submitted as a Max order and the sync speed will be determined by the equipment at the exchange rather than a guess based on the checker data.