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question about capping


question about capping

hi all

new to plusnet and i wanted to ask a few things about the download caps

I understand that as a premier user i have a 30GB peak time cap and a 100GB off peak cap? the 100GB off peak seems a little low for my usage but the difference between peak and off peak seems fair enough to me as i understand there are other users

the questions i wanted to ask were as follows

can i make 30GB peak transfer and 100GB off peak making a total of 130GB a month?

also what happens if i reach this 100GB limit? is my service terminated for the rest of the month? i certainly hope not

I quite often pull down game demos or video clips and used to leave this on all the time between 10PM and 8AM on my old BT connection with no complaint. during the day it was for internet and some gaming

What im getting at is that i dont want to suddenly find myself barred and in a 12 month contract as i signed up for an "unlimited" service rather than the one with the caps on it. Fair enough i didnt read the small print but it was a little misleading.

This should be fine for me but i want to check that on the chance that i go over this limit i wont have a very angry girlfriend who cant do any of her UNI course !


question about capping

In a nutshell:

1) if you're going to hit either limit in any shape or form, this is not for you and the limits will not change or be modified
2) if you're new, you can get out of your 12 month contract within 45 days of signing up as part of a cooling off period
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question about capping

Why we have done this and the sort of usage that is sustainable as well as what happens when those levels are reached is explained fully here.

question about capping


am i reading correctly when it says the 24/7 management means that the adsl will cease to function alltogether?

question about capping

welcome mate - join the club.

question about capping

am i reading correctly when it says the 24/7 management means that the adsl will cease to function alltogether?

The speeds are up to 6kbs on 24/7 mangement, a little above dailup speeds

question about capping

adsl will not cease alltogether, it will just be throttled to dial up speeds.

If you think you might go over the 100gb limit then you can allways upgrade to the up to 4/8mb accounts as theese have a higher bandwidth allowance.

question about capping


Welcome to the forums and welcome to plusnet.
I understand that you may use a lot of BW and may not agree with the SUP. But as mentioned above nothing will change whats in place.
I know you mentioned downloading film clips and demo games, but I am still struggling to see just how this can top 100GB a month. there have either got to be an awesome amount of new clips and game demo's on the net every month or the makers must make them unbelievably large for whatever reason only known to them.

I have tried to reach the 100GB limit myself, and the closest I ever got was 96GB and this was thru downloading an unreal amount of distros, software (unreal sizes etc) and so forth. Yet I struggled to get there, i couldnt even imagine this on a monthly basis.


question about capping

Hehe, I've got all of 2004's Solid Steel Radio Show Mixes coming down at the moment. 9GB DL, plus take into account giving back to the community to at least a 1:1 ratio and thats a hefty 18GB! Not that I go downloading years worths of mixes all the time. Someone HAS been doing year batches of Essential Mixes though... thats mildly tempting.... Pretty easy to rack up some BW, esp with me loading up all my Ableton mixes I made. Then again, music is my passion so I go full throttle for that! Not been much of a visuals guy.
I happened to find a nice community of music sharers, almost endless stream of absolutely ace music all the time. Loads of stuff you wouldn't usually get to hear like live club sets, sets from around the world, special releases that get distributed round the net.

question about capping

hi tom

I understand why these are in place. it seems there is a lot of bad feeling on this forum but having done consultation for BT openworld i can see both sides of the picture.

just trying to get a feel of how this product works just now. its nice that i can upgrade to the 4meg package if im going over the limit

I should maybe explain that i own a LAN cafe so to save on bandwith on the business account i do a lot of downloading here espcially game demos which are up to 600MB each so it soon adds up. my connection is also shared with my girlfriend who pulls down a load of documents for uni and family members who like their music etc i would estimate that when i was with bt i would be pulling down around 75GB a month. however they had not explained their peak hours to me so i dont know if i was in breach there. Im more than happy to set any downloads to after midnight though.

Im presuming as well that if i go over the limit one month im not going to be slapped with a restriction straight away?

cheers for all your answers

question about capping


No. If you go over twice in 3 months (i think it is) you are put on a 1 month peak time managed profile with a 7 day review after this period.
If you go over the limit again, you will then be placed on the 24/7 plan indefinately.
Basically 3 strike in any 6 month period and your out.

It may also be worth pointing out (if you didnt know already) that you are allotted a TOTAL of 100GIG. Not 130GIG as some people may still believe.

so either 30 peak +70 off peak = 100


25 peak + 75 off peak = 100

etc etc. Go over either 30 peak or 100 total in a month and you get a warning.
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question about capping

Thats not a complete picture.
If you go over both limits in a month it is immediate peak time management with no warning e-mail. Similarly if you exceed the peak time allowance and the total allowance by more than 50% then it is immediate 24/7 management.