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question about broadband premier and bigup F9


question about broadband premier and bigup F9


Where does the Premier account fall into the current product line (it seems options 1-4 are the products now)?

And are there any benefits in staying on the Premier product (is the contention ratio different?) or should I move to a new option to save money??

Also - as a customer who's nearing my 10 year anniversary with F9 I must say that my faith has now been restored. I've been far from happy in recent months and nearly moved to another ISP (a big deal after 10 years). The help and fast responses on questions and posts in this discussion forum, not to mention the efforts on SPAM management and the better tools put in place (such as catch all switch off, etc), have really impressed me.


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question about broadband premier and bigup F9

Hi I’m on the old Premier account and decided not to change, but really it’s up to you and how you use your broadband connection. Premier is now ‘retired’ as a product but if you are already on it you can choose to stay.

The downside for changing is the longer ‘peak time’ on the new BBYW products. Premier is 4 PM to midnight where as BBYW is 8 AM to midnight. However the upside of BBYW is the speeds given in the tables are pretty constant but if you exceed your allowance on Premier you can get some hefty speed restrictions during peak time.

We decided to stay as we are because I often download large Linux DVD iso’s from Mandriva and Kubuntu for testing etc during the day so the early start to BBYW would soon rack up my peak time usage.

If you are a low usage user then by all means change products and save some money, it was a toss up between BBYW option 3, and staying with premier, but we decided to stay for the time being. However if my usage was to fall significantly then I would probably change.

Just my 2p’s worth, regards, Colin.
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question about broadband premier and bigup F9

Many thanks, we are working hard to turn ourselves around after a number of slip ups over the past few months (I'm sure I'll get shouted down for calling them slip ups, but I can't think of a better (read: polite) term at the moment. Glad to hear that we are restoring your faith, many thanks.

Premier is pretty much the equivalent of BBTW option 3 at 19.99 though the only appreciable difference is in the peak hours - peak time on premier is measured from 4pm - midnight and BBYW peak time is measured from 8am - midnight. There are also one or two other minor details, for details on the premier accounts please see this page and for BBYW please see here.

question about broadband premier and bigup F9

details on the premier accounts please see this page

Read the page look to me as if F9 are going to force us to accept BBYW if you don't they (F9) will give us slower download speeds and slower and slower and slower until we sign up to BBYW

I signed up to an 8mg service this was on my contract remember contracts work both ways so can you restore my download speeds to 8mg F9 agreed to this by talking my direct debit.

I paid for an 8mg service so please provide it

I had wonder why my download speed are so slow now I know why

This is NOT an acceptable practise you told us we don't have to move products so why are F9 doing this?