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proxy server


proxy server

Can any one tell what plus nets proxy server name or address is
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proxy server

I always thought that PlusNet didn't run any proxy servers. On the other hand, looking at the quoted message in the OP in this thread, ( ) it might suggest otherwise :? .


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proxy server


We do not make use of any proxy servers, and the one quoted should not be used.

The only time any form of proxy is introduced into your connection, is when you fail billing, or reach a data transfer watch (PAYG users).

If you are getting anything like the above message and have followed the steps below, then you should be raising this to us for invesatigation.

If you fail billing or reach your data transfer watch, then your account is restricted. One payment has been made or the data transfer watch is removed, the restrictions are as well.

To ensure you are completly free and to avoid any lengthy wait on the phones or tickets, you should physically disconnect from the internet. The simplest and most accurate method is to disconnect your phone line from your modem. You should remain like this for a minimum period of 5 minutes, so that everybody recognises the disconnection.

You should then ensure your you clear your browser cache and reconnect. If the problems persist at this point, and at least one hour has passed since these should have been removed from our side (ie, from when you received the billing confirmation and/or confirmation the data transfer watch is removed), then report it.

Using the above proxy server in your software will only lead to no data transfer.

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