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poor support/ non answering phones/inefficient admin


poor support/ non answering phones/inefficient admin

I'm using this forum because you don't give a mail address for support queries - its not something I can deal with in your 'knowledge DB'- you mailed me about renewing a domain - I updated my details. [25/5/06] - you then mailed me 31/5/06 to say the domain would soon expire- I mailed the person who'd mailed me from force9 [] and the mail was bounced back to me.
I then tried the 0845 number [25 minutes on hold and no joy except for getting sick of the pre-recorded 'sales' pitches]
I've just got a email from nominet saying my domain hasn't been renewed by my registration agent [force9]
I've just checked in the members area and the domain has been renewed until 8/6/2008


poor support/ non answering phones/inefficient admin

Hello rshotelbookings,

Your posting proves a point I've been trying time again to make to F9 PlusNet i.e. the fact that they need to improve by 100% their ability to talk too their own customers, listen to their customers but F9 fail to do this. More they utterly refuse to talk with customers, look how hard they make it?? and for a simple query that could be sorted out in a few moments over the phone.

OK!! to answer your question which is entirely reasonable under the circumstances. When you buy a domain name from a registrand company ( a third party domain name seller ) The name has to be registered & its common for the period to be two year's & then a small fee is requested to renew the domain name. This is because domain names where in the past treated like internet real estate (like property quite literally) & still are too some degree. Domain names & Internet based companies come & go all the time hence the two year renewal fee. Domain names are mostly orientated towards business not individual users, well this was how it started historically anyway. Now its common for individuals to have their own domain names & prices have dropped alot.

But what I think is happening here is that F9 offer a domain name for an extra £1 per month. The domain name I think is registered either by F9 or too F9 either way the renewal fee looks like it has been automatically paid by F9. It may be included in the monthly amount you pay?

**My own domain name is held by a third party company but my domain name is my property and so when the renewal fee comes up I pay it via the domain name company I bought the domain name from (NOT F9 in my case).

**A simple phone call or email could have clarified things for you but F9 dont give a fig for customers any more and so leave you too do all the chasing. Which I dont think is OK at all, its very poor indeed.


poor support/ non answering phones/inefficient admin

I am assuming the domain is still working? If the answer is yes then F9 will have renewed the domain and it is included in your £1pm. You will probably find that F9 leave it to the last possible minute to pay for the domain, hence the renewal notice from Nominet. They send out renewals in case the company you purchased it from have gone out of business and to prevent you losing your domain. Check out the Nominet home page ( to see details of when it was renewed and more importantly, who the domain belongs to!! You may find that F9 have registered it in their name which will involve more fees for you if you want to transfer the domain out elsewhere (about £25 I think)!!