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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with


plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with


just thought I would share this rant with you all, I know I am not the only person who suffers frrom Plusnets extremly poor service.

I will begin....
I decided to join Plusnet after being with Virgin for many years, after being temped by their 2mb £15 a month deal, I decided at the point of signing up that I will defer the activation cost as I felt that this company would give a resonable service so that it would not warrant me canceling. (I got recomended by someone who works very closely with ISP's)

So to be honest I do not download hundreds of GB a month, I only use this connection for online gaming ocasionally, and I have been using all my own equipment and the same computer I had when I was with Virgin so I know that it was all working perfectly fine with no problems whatsoever.

So, after joining Plusnet, I loaded up Battlefields 2, only to find that I could not connect to servers, and when I finally could connect, I would get kicked out of the servers for having high ping or just some random server disconects.
I have sent countless tickets to Plus net to see if they could sort the problem out, to which they would send the same replies like "you must run BT speedchecks and come back to us" . Ok fine at least I dont mind trying to help them pinpoint the problem out if I knew it would get fixed.
How wrong was I.... I had submitted many more tickets after that and I guess Plusnet must have a bunch of monkeys sat at their offices all scratching their heads because they just come back with similar replies like" you must run several speedchecks between the hours of 12 midnight and 7am in the morning" tbh I think they were having a laugh or something!.
well I told them what to do with their speedchecks, and decided to try and pinpoint the problem myself.
I ran quite a few traceroutes to the most common BF2 servers and to pages like google which I found that the pings to the first few jumps ie Plusnets servers were getting really high lag spikes. I sent all my results to plusnet to which I was sent stupid replies like "can you ensure you game is patched as this is a common problem" come on plusnet! do you not read what is going on here?
Well after getting rather tired of sending stupid tickets which wasnt helping my issue out I just gave up, stopped playing computer games for a while and let Plusnet take my £15 a month no problems.
Well the past few days I got a new online game RF Online.. fair enough its a new game so it may have some slight bugs, so tried playing this game, and guess what, now my connection completly drops and re-connects.
Because I have no faith in Plusnets ticket support service I decide to try the 24/7 support number, at least I thought that I would get someone to explain whats going on and maybe fix my internet once and for all.... how wrong was I??
Well the first attempt I spent 35 minutes waiting to get through which in my opinion has to be the worst wait time for any kind of technical support and when why finally answered before I could say hello, ,they cut me off!!!
Being a generally calm kind of person I just thought ok, something may just have gone wrong along the line or whatever, So about 10 minutes ago, ,I try again.....
I wait for 30 minutes and finally get through, So I begin to tell the guy on the other end of the phone that my internet connection keeps cutting out and I have been having problems for 3 months. He suggests I reset my modem then hangs up on me.
As you can imagine after waiting patiently for 30 mins you expect at least someone to be able to help a little more than that.. do plusnet just employ monkeys to handle their tech support?
Well to be honest, I have had enough sod this malarky im going back to Virgin.
So I raise a ticket asking to leave, to which I get the reply " once I pay my £47 they will give me my migration code"
I fully understand that I agreed to defer this charge when I signed up, ,but what I feel really cheesed off about is that I have been paying for a faulty service, to which I am not getting any help with fixing it, and the only way for me to stop paying my £15 a month is to pay them another £47
I must admit Plusnet have got me screwed with this one.. charge for a crap service to make the customer want to leave, , then laugh their asses off when the customer ask to leave and stings them with another charge.
I know I am not the only one who feels this way so I was wondering if any of you would like to help me and report them to watchdog or something because I feel that we are getting screwed over by them.

Sorry for the essay but just had to get this off my chest... thanks for reading.

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

I have to fully agree with every single point made there.

Online gaming: Dreadful
Customer Care: Beyond awful
Ping times: Woeful
Attitude toward customers: Dont get me started!

+net take your money and then royally shaft you for the "deferred activation".

Then they trot out the same old tired lines of "you know what you were signing up for", "you agreed to pay for activation costs", "its not a guaranteed service" , "online gaming is only part of the service" , "you have the use of the rest of the service".

All in all the attitude of +net is "If you don't like that we don't care, then screw you....leave......and we'll have even MORE of your money for the privilege!"

If they dont get their act together and fast, then they will see a marked drop in their well publicised £4.5m profits and end up going down the tubes......and when that day arrives, I'll have a link:censored eating grin on my face that'll be practically impossible to wipe off even with a frying pan!

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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

Hi Spudly,

I see you joined in October 05 and you have to pay a £47 fee to leave. This is interesting because I asked for a MAC Key a while ago and I got a response Daniel Oxley saying I needed to pay £47 fee to leave. Then on the same day I got an email from Phil Richardson saying a mistake had been made by his collegue and that the fee was actually £58.75 so I dont know who is correct but the way I read it, it should be £47 within the first year.

Does anyone know which fee is correct?

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

The fee depends on when you signed up.

It was £58.75 until the latter end of 2005 when BT, out of the goodness of their hearts reduced it to £47.

So Phil, who is seldom wrong, is indeed correct. Smiley

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

What about when I leave on the 1st anniversary of joining?

I'm not willing to pay +net for months of a service that I wont use (as I'm still in the 1st year) and as for the debacle that is the deferred hardware issue (see my problem here )

I was told that it would be over £100 to break free. Hopefully by that point it will have dropped to something more palatable.....

The Voyager 205/105 issue still sticks in my throat tbh.

**edited to properly space link**

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

Just read about the 205/105 issue,
Not good....
Just thinking again about +nets customer service issue.
If anyone from my company took that long to answer the phone, they would get sacked let alone if it was found out that any employee hung up on a customer on more than one occasion.
I would like to know what plusnets response to this would be, as I feel this is absolutly shocking service.
Anyway I will be seeing if I can do anything about this because as far as im concerned, +nets service has to be against the law.. Supplying a faulty product and in my opinion, are not helping in anyway whatsover in trying to resolve any issues.
You would have thought that they would do something useful with that £4.5mil like employ some more people or even better, just pay someone else to come in and fix their crappy internet.

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

I can think of a couple of companies worse than PN for customer service... to me it does not matter how long they take to answer the ruddy phone but what does matter is that when some one does answer they can actually do something other than play pass the caller.

PN do have their problems with their customer relationships but on the whole when you do need to phone them they do listen and will where possible help.

(Albeit I've only ever called about connection issues, any other issue I use the ticket system).
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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

just say the words A O L and bad service burns, as an IT Tech i had then unplesant requirement to contact A O L on behalf of customers, longest wait time was 1 1/2 hrs to have a hour of trying to find someone who speaks and understands english, has more than a basic understanding of computers and knows how to diagnose faults !

BT openworld arent much better either !

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

that brought back some memories, I used AOL when it first came out in the UK
and I remember I used to pay about £100 a month with dial up!!
Never again lol.

I think I am not going to get anywhere with +net resolving my issues so I give up plus net.. I have better things to do that wait on the line and get laughed at, so does anybody have any ideas on which ISP to use? I was looking at e7even as they have unmetered and uncapped BB at the same kind of money, and I have had working BB with them before at a previous address.

any suggestions would be great!

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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

id be careful about any unlimited offers these days especialy with 8mb here
the network just wont cope with 8mb unlimited service imho.
even zen who prided on unlimited have capped 8mb services

adslguide is your best source for isp info
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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with


If you moved from Virgin to PlusNet whyy did you pay an activation fee? If you migrated you should have only had to pay a migration fee.

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with


I had a different phone line installed for work, and before you ask, it has all been checked ok by BT.
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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

Each year you stay with PN your deferred fee reduces by 20%.

If you leave after 12 months:
1) You pay 80% of £58.75 or £47 (this may be where the confusion about what you have to pay arises).
2) No deferred migration fee payable as you have been with PN more than 12 months.
3) You are on a months contract (whether you started on a monthly or annual) so you give 30 days notice and pay 1 additional monthly fee

So you will have to pay £47 + £14.99 = £61.99.

If you left before 12 months are up you pay:

1) £58.75 defered activation
2) £14.99 deferred migration in fee
3) at least 1 monthly payment during your 30 day notice period
4) If on an annual contract the remaining payments to make up 12 months.

which comes to £88.73 + any additional months to reach 12 months.

As you agreed to all the above (whether you read all the T&Cs or not, accepting the T&C means you are bound by them), when you sighed up you can't do a pay anything to reduce the leaving costs.

plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

£88.73 to leave what a complete rip off if there service was the same as when i signed up i would not have a problem staying for 5 years but as it's not why should i pay £88.73 to leave this joke of an ISP.
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plusnet - the worst company I have ever had to deal with

You agreed to pay £58.75 when you joined.

Plusnet generously agreed you could defer the payment and reduce the debt by 20% each year you stayed.

"Paying to leave" doesn't come in to it.
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