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plusnet customer confusion


plusnet customer confusion

anyone else agree?
i would like to know how many of you actually recieved an email stating the changes they were making to there products around the 14th of march.
I am now completely unable to play rf online during peak time because of the way they traffic manage ftp requests.
just wanted to know how many of you actually recieved this email beacuse i did not.

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plusnet customer confusion

It was in PN newsletter emailed (to me at least) on the 17th March


plusnet customer confusion

why try to avoid the censor? it's there for a reason.

Which "email" are you refering to and about which changes?

Edit the title, the moderators will only aks you to do it when they spot it and if you don't it may simply be removed. This forum is open to anyone (ie kids potentially) so theres no need to try and swear, it doens't help you get your point over any better now does it?

What game makes use of FTP? If FTP during peak hours is important to you then schedule some non important usage overnight meaning you won't get managed.

Have you opted out of receiving mail from plusnet? it WAS in the newsletter whiuch all cusotmer got and which was plastered all over all the forums. I think it may have even made it to service status too.

plusnet customer confusion

Cool, unfortunalty i did not recieve such email, and had i know about an option to cancel, I would have taken it straight away as I've had problems since day one.

plusnet customer confusion

You always have the option to cancel, why not simply do so? Plusnet cannot make you remain a customer

plusnet customer confusion

i am sorry about the title,
but this particular issue is when i start up this game, it has to look at a FTP site first to see if there is any patches before it lets you into the game, because of this packet shaping, it causes the game to fail at this point, and i am unable to get around it.
I can however log into the game fine before the peak time restrictions are put in place, but due to the shakey connections i have it causes the game to quit.

after spending soo much money on the premium rate tech line, and extrremely slow response times to tickets i have asked to leave, but guess what, they are being slow to responding to that request as well!!
I feel plusnet as a company, they really work hard at fobbing customers off and always responding with things like" we sent you an email giving you an option to leave" blah blah blah...
i have had a gut full tbh, I feel like they are moving goalposts and i cant wait to get my mac code.

plusnet customer confusion

might i suggest the use of the word Bar Steward

plusnet customer confusion

Hi spudly.

I appreciate you may have a degree of difficulty or concern at present. however swear filters or not, to blatently accuse PlusNet of scamming or any company in a public forum is (a) unnecessary and (b) unwise.

Feedback is warmly welcomed on these boards, negative or otherwise. However that feedback needs to be reasoned and constructive.

I have changed the title of your thread and would request that you refrain from making unsubstantiated allegations or such emotive terms in the future.

I hope that you can understand and appreciate the position.

Many thanks.

plusnet customer confusion

Ok, sorry for the title, but my claim still stands.
I signed up to plus net, as the package said it would be suitable for gaming.
it is not.
I was told by one of the tech supportt guys I was sent an email giving me an option to leave due to the chages you were making with packet shaping.
I can assure you I have not had this email, as i would have left the moment it was presented due to having 0 customer support, ,and having problems since i joined you guys.
I am trying to leave, and at the moment I feel as if i have lost, I have had no help from your technical support apart from trtying to be sold into buying a more expensive packages, which i have later found would not solve the situation.

plus net is bar far the worst company i have ever dealt with.

plusnet customer confusion

Ok, sorry for the title,

NP's we all get angry from time to time.

As your join date was Oct 2005, I doubt very much if you would ever have received the opt out email due to the change in T&C's. That went out in August. You werent a customer then Wink

FTP access, unless you are on a managed profile for exceeding your usage limit, is not blocked.In certian circumstances it may slow down. Have you tested ftp to any other server or via a browser, say to your Plus Net space.

Have you confirmed that the ftp server you are connecting to is actually live and functioning or not under any abnormal load?

Can you ping or tracert the server?

There are a load of things which can be done before the finger can be fairly pointed at Plus Net.

plusnet customer confusion

I have tried many many things, however the problem only happens between 4pm- 12 - the same time the packet shaping comes into play.
it has only started this week, and after speaking to one of your tech guys, he confirmed something has changed with the way you handle ftp stuff at this peak time.
i know it may lay with the game launcher having a low time out before it boots me, but everybody else I know with other ISP's have no problems whatsoever.
I can do tracert's to the ftp site in question, and i have submitted these in a ticket.
But after chatting to your tech guys, they cant do anything, and are unlikely to even try anything.
I know the only option is to cancecl my account with you, but having to pay a deffered activation fee kinda leave a bad taste in my mouth especially when i joined i felt i would never have any problems.
I will pay this charge as i suppose i did agree to it, I am just dissapointed that plus net could not provide the service i require.