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plusnet connection down Ticker ID: 20086986


plusnet connection down Ticker ID: 20086986

I only recently signed up to Plusnet (I had heard good things).

I originally signed up to the 14.99 package, but I soon exceeded my download limit. Plusnet restricted my connection to around 2meg's (from 4) I decided to upgrade to the £20.99 package which would allow more usage.

The following morning I received an email saying that the account had been upgraded, I check the speed of my connection and it was still two megs. I thought this was odd, but though that it would possibly go back upto speed in time for the next billing period.

Two weeks later, plusnet charged me £20.99 (even though I had only been on the upgraded package for 2 weeks), the connection remained at 2 meg.

I raised a ticket with them, which seems to have proven useless as it is taking forever to get any sort of responce, and the majority of the time it is them simplying copying me in on their internal emails. They did ask me to conduct a line test 3 times, Ive emailed them back telling them I'm not doing this as I havnt got a clue how to configue routers/modems,

Months has now passed and my connection has got slower and slower, 1.5meg, 1 meg, 512k, and most recently it dropped to 160k. It finally went down last night and hasnt been on since.

Surely with this level of service I should be in a position to cancel my 12 month contract? Does anyone have any suggestions.