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plusnet bb connection lead times


plusnet bb connection lead times

i feel like i have been fobed off as both neighbours either side of me have broadband with no issues with bandwith and one is a plusnet customer.

this reply i had after all this wait

"I apologise for the delays in the provisioning of your account but the order which was placed was cancelled due to problems with the speed your line can support. I have resubmitted the order manually and this is due for the 24/08/06"

plusnet bb connection lead times

Hi there,

Once you place the order, PlusNet then ask BT to provision your service. The physical work is carried out by them and if a problem has been encountered with your line, it's BT who'll have called the shots on this one.

Unfortunately your neighbours have no real relevance, as the lines will be different and could even take a different route to the exchange.

The provisioning of your line is a best effort process. Snags can ocurr which cause delays.

BT's ways can be weird and wonderful at times Sad .

Hopefully it will be sorted quickly.