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phone number changed


phone number changed

hi if my phone number is changed does this mean i need to get a new mac code for plusnet?
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phone number changed

The answer to this - I'm not sure TBH - I'm not sure how the MAC is coded, whether it identifies the phone number and the circuit number, as well as the ISP codes, or if it is just the circuit number and the outgoing and incoming ISP for BT Wholesales' purposes.

I changed my phone number a couple of years ago, but my broadband connection stayed live. All that happened was that the phone number had changed, but not the physical line.

The best thing you can do is to raise a ticket in the help and support section of the portal, and there should be someone able to help you further.

Sorry I couldn't help more!


phone number changed

If you change your NAME on your bt account, they generally delete all the components and re-activate them all. This usually needs a new activation of the ADSL circuit and would more than likely be passed onto yourself. I would imagine the same thing would happen if you changed the number on a physical line.

However the post above says that they did this without any downtime or problems. . . . . so.... thats weird :?
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phone number changed

Differnce being that a change of name on your bill is considered a change of contract as it is in someone elses name, so they want to give you a fresh account, without anything else on it such as adsl.

A change of number may be handle very differently, as it is still considered the same contract.

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phone number changed

I would definitely double check with BT and get wirtten confirmation that the number change will NOT result in a PSTN Cease.

If they do then screw up your line, you have it in writing from them, and as such can get BT to foot the bill for the reprovide.