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pcsni-forum moderator

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Registered: 01-08-2007

pcsni-forum moderator

I was just reading through some threads to see that this modrator just locked a thread saying "off topic posts will not be tolerated nor will talk of other ISPs" and when one person questioned them, he said "I take it you didn't take the hint". Sorry, have I missed something? Are we back in Nazi Germany?

Firstly, there weren't any off topic posts, it was a discussion about Plusnets guidelines and advertising techniques whereby another ISP was compared to it, I think it's pretty bloody shoddy that such rude moderators are able to needlessly offensive and restrictive to paying customers of a frankly poor service.

Oh and just incase this thread is deemed "not on topic" for customer feedback, I'm currently downloading a file via bit torrent where I'm connected to 300+ seeds and I'm getting speeds of 4kb. Pathetic.

pcsni-forum moderator

I was just reading the same thread bluejam. Seems a bit heavy handed if you ask me :roll:

pcsni-forum moderator

By complete coincidence, I've just posted about the same moderators attitude myself!

But of course, 'they' will close ranks and defend the moderating here - just like they defend the indefensible service we're getting from this ISP.

Broadband has always been described as the "always on" internet service. PN brings you the all new "Always on" Broadband! Now with added idle time outs!

And when it doesn't time out (by design or otherwise) you manage speeds of 3-5Kb!

pcsni-forum moderator

This is not the place to be discussing the actions of a moderator.

This forum is purely and simply for the discussion of and feedback regarding Plus Nets products and services.

Should you have a complaint about any moderating decision then raise it by email or pm with any of the Comms Team or another moderator.

This thread is now locked.