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p2p and http


p2p and http

i am running azureus p2p software and ie6. when i start the p2p software suddently i cant access any webpages at all apart from site but i can use msn messenger without worries...... and i never seem to get more than 30kbps download speed without any other programs running...... this happens any time of day not just peak times....
i've had PN ever since they started and always liked it. now i just moved from home so got myself a new account as my younger brother is using my old account at home :S
even if i close down my p2p i still cant access http pages till i restart my computer then everything works fine till i open p2p again...... i have tried abc and bit torrent same results

any help appreciated....

p2p and http

Are you using a router or a USB modem?
- If its a router you might be crashing it with too many connections.

What are the torrent clients maximum upload and download speeds set to?
- If the upload speed is set to unlimited (or too high, ie anything over about 25kbps) then you'll have problems browsing websites, try setting it lower.

How many torrents are you trying to download at once?
- Again it might be too many connections.

Which package are you on?
- If its BB+ you'll not be able to use P2P anyway.