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oscemmerce help for total newbie


oscemmerce help for total newbie

hi all iam trying to install osscemmerce into my plusnet space for test purposes. but when i upload all the files do not upload or the server times out.

one one occasion i did get them there the php files would not show up.
plz plz can anyone help......
ive got my cgi and mysql activated and yes iam uploading to

many thanks

oscemmerce help for total newbie

There are intermittent problems with the CCGI stuff at the moment, and there was some maintenance done earlier this morning but the problem still seems to exist..

If you keep trying you may hit on a workable server.

I think you may just have to ride this one out :?

oscemmerce help for total newbie

thanks .. getting loads of bloody errors now..size permissions etc only want to see if that program is for me before i try a differant one
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oscemmerce help for total newbie

Sorry if this sounds negative, but give in!!!

OK, now for the explanation, osCommerce relies on “.htaccess” to control access to the administration section. Other users have found that this method of securing the admin section, is, lets say less than secure on the PlusNet ccgi servers.

You could give a try, It was originally based on osCommerce. But I believe it uses different administration authentication.