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os ticket 44 hours and counting


os ticket 44 hours and counting

Could someone please look at the open ticket I have no. 7089704 it concerns an account downgrade and a domain I have - I need an answer time is short and my patience is shorter still.

come on guys - 44 hours without acknowledging an open ticket makes a mockery of your 8 hour target and you 9 hour clearance! Evil

Looks like I'm about to become an excustomer completely at this rate!

os ticket 44 hours and counting

Dont stress! My wost ticket was about 240 hours in the actually closed itself after the 10 days were up so i cant tell ho wlong it was really :lol:

ok, so that doesnt make you feel any better or gets you an answer but it makes me smile :roll:
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os ticket 44 hours and counting


If you need to chase a ticket or require urgent assistance, I would recommend you call the support team on 0845 1400200 (24 hours a day). I can't stress enough that unless the Comms team (the PlusNet staff you see here) workload is light, it is impossible for us to look at tickets currently awaiting a response to the support team.

Unfortunately yesterdays ADSL outage left us with a backlog of over 600 tickets because the main team who would normally work on them spent all day on the phones. That means that some tickets in some departmental queues may take a while to get to. Obviously one thing you have highlighted is that, while I'm sure it is accurate overall, the average closure time figure doesn't give much of a helpful indication about when a ticket might actually get answered. I will certainly pick this one up and see if we can identify an improvement when I'm back on shift.

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