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oh dear...


oh dear...

I was supposed to be moved back to BT llu 2 months back after an appalling service (like many it seems), PN support were migrating me back to BT as a response. Things seemed to improve I thought I was back on BT.. so didnt think anything different, then the last 4 weeks carnage once much so I requested a MAC to which support came back and said they need to get a MAC to move me from TISCALI and it would cost 23.50 to do so, LOL I mean my god does it get better?

Oh yeah it does, I reply and quote the previous question where they had stated they were moving me back to BT...nothing for a today have a raised another question about NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION !!!! oddly its been 12 hrs and still no reply lol you guys....I also phoned PN today and held on for 55minutes from my work and oddly no answer...

Funny thing is I wanted a MAC to move my ISP to BT i mean this doesnt get actually more funny as they are about to buy PN...meantime my cons have seem to gone through re test again with no word from support, oh the world is ending and no one told me i if you by chance read this (between the other seemingly endless support threads here) on one of your long coffee breaks please take a look...being greeted by your Bosses message about much improved support since October on the PN homepage is now getting infuriating and tearfully funny at the same time.

As a parting note, I understand the PN big cheese announced PN would be left to their 'excellent business model' if BT buys my long history of dealing with BT (who arent perfect of course) I dont remember waiting 55 minutes and 7 days for a support response...maybe the big chief needs to rethink his policy and accept a few BT's suggestions Wink
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oh dear...

Read this post.

I would suggest you have completed step 1 and should move on to step 2 immediately.
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