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notification by Email


notification by Email

Hi all,

I know there was a thread about this somewhere but have been unable to locate it.

I have just tried to collect my email and found that an account i held with freeserve has now been disabled(possibly due to not connecting to account for period of time).Problem is my notifications of payment and forum replys goes to this address.

How do i get these sent to my p/n address? was ther mention of sending josh or ian a email or can it be done via a ticket?

James :?:
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notification by Email

You can get your forum address changed by contacting Kuglin using PM.

If you remove your Freeserve address from then you should find emails are sent to your PlusNet account, although even with going to Freeserve, they should be duplicated to postmaster@ anyway.

notification by Email

Cheers Cheesy