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notice period for migration elsewhere?


notice period for migration elsewhere?

Hi all,

I was hoping to be advised upon the notice period I need to give, in order to migrate to another isp?

I migrated to plusnet from pipex approx september 05. I'm on a monthly contract I believe (how would i check this?)

I was happy with the service initially, but i'm not anymore.

given that i migrated and believe i opted for a monthly contract, is it as simple as giving one months notice?

Decided i'm not happy with the sup and am thinking of going with zen.

thanks for your help
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notice period for migration elsewhere?

Notice period is 30 days but be aware that as you migrated in you will be charged the defered cost of £14.99 for not staying a year, it would also be advisable to try and ask for it the day before you are due to make your next payment so you will not have to worry about claiming any over payments back after the 30 days are up as they will take a payment if your 30 days falls in between payment dates.

To see if you are monthly go to the Account details > View Details it will say at the bottom of the page