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not good enough


not good enough

broadband cancelled at old property on 4 April 2007.
still no broadband at new property as of 1610 23 April 2007.
"Order was cancelled by BT" I was told roughly two weeks ago, which delayed the moving of broadband to new property.

i'm on the phone now and am told "call wait times in excess of ten minutes".

i'm not sure it's a coincidence that BT now has a hand in your business, Plus was much more efficient a couple of years ago, from my point of view at least.

any ideas plusnet support? I would start with a refund.

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not good enough

Hi there.

I have spoken to the Provisioning Team leader and one of our analysts should be giving you a ring soon.

Apologies for the delay with this order but there would appear to be a problem BT side.

Having said that, we absolutely should have rung you before now. We didnt and for that I am sorry.

This has been addressed with the team concerned and shouldnt happen in the future.

The phone call will explain the current situation and hopefully set the correct expectations.

If I can be of further assistance dont hesitate to get in touch.
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not good enough

Hi there,

First off, I'm extremely sorry for the delays that you have been experiencing with your house move and I apologise for the lack of verbal updates that you have received. This will be changing extremely soon Smiley

Secondly, I imagine that you won't be aware of a problem which we are currently experiencing with BT Wholesale, which has unfortunately been dragging on for a few weeks. Essentially, we're seeing a number of our new provisions being cancelled with an explanation of it being a duplicate order. We check at our end through 2 or 3 pre order checking mechanisms and with all of those your line was showing as being clear. We then place an order and this is subsequently cancelled.

As for the reasons why this is occuring, this is primarily due to an issue whereby we are unable to check against the OpenReach portal and the line checking solutions we have available to us appear to be bypassing this "portal" and there have been a number of instances where there is an open order (either by error or genuine) with OpenReach, which we are unable to see. We then have to submit a manual order which then delays the entire process by another 7-10 days, assuming that the manual order (something called a Manual CRF) completes sucessfully.

This problem is something that we are liaising with BT on regularly and they are treating this as a high profile issue. We are also meeting with our new Account Management Team at BT next week, and this will be high up on the agenda. I appreciate that this information will not necessarily be of benefit to you, but please rest assured that we are chasing your delayed order and will get it completed as soon as possible!

Again, please accept my apologies for any inconveniences that you have experienced as a result of this and I will ensure that a goodwill gesture is offered as a result of your downtime.

not good enough

Thank you for candid answers to the question posed.